I don’t know about you, but I used to have a hard time waking up in the morning as a child. 20 years later… and I’m still having a hard time waking up. I guess some things don’t change, eh?

Actually, I found the REAL reason behind this. There’s a big chance that you have experienced this plenty of times throughout your life as well.

Now, I’m no scientist and I’m sure you can GIN (Google It Now) to find the scientific explanation behind it all. Based on my experiences, here is the Bro Science reason for the existence of bed burritos.

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It all starts with this…

Pineapple Pizza

If you’ve never had Pineapple pizza, look for it and give it a taste.

One of two things will happen. Either you will love Pineapple Pizza or the idea will makes you cringe with disgust. I definitely remember my experience VERY well. Did I like it? I’ll let your imagination do the work.

Now… say I experience the exact feeling many times a day. These similar scenarios repeat themselves throughout the entire week.

For the upcoming mornings, do you think I will want to get out of bed?

Wouldn’t you feel much more motivated if you wake up everyday feeling good about yourself?

Of course, not everyday is sunshine, rainbows with good vibes. There HAS to be a consistent way to do it, right?

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The Solution

The easiest way that worked for me is to focus on my accomplishments. Whenever I get something done right, it encourages me to do it in a bigger and better things. 

Here is a simple system that I use to keep myself focused on creating my daily accomplishments:

1. I list out 5 easy things to improve for myself. I will also include the benefit each one.

2. Throughout my day, I will cross off each point that’s been completed.

3. Before I sleep, I will replace the completed ones with something new. Everything that was incomplete will be carried to the next day.

4. Each incomplete point, I note down a better way to complete it the next day.

Why it works (for me)

For me, experiencing progress assures my efforts aren’t going to waste. Knowing that I have put the time to invest in myself will be worthwhile for a better future.

With a system like this in place, it’s an easy way to give myself a good reason to wake up every morning. After all, who wouldn’t want to do something that will benefit themselves in any shape or form?

The best part? No Pineapple Pizzas are involved!


Yes, there are going to be days where you want to chill. But for days where you “don’t feel like getting up”, it won’t be a problem anymore. Now, you have a systematic way to create beneficial reasons to start your day.

One important lesson I learned this year was from this quote:

“If you aren’t growing, you are dying.”

Damn, that escalated.

Anyways, do you have a hard time waking up in the morning? What do you do to get yourself started each day?

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