Warning! There will be spoilers. I also assume you’d watched the previous Toy Story movies as well.

Toy Story is an iconic movie that holds many great memories to us who grew up in the 90’s. With each new sequel, we get to relive a part of our childhood as we watch Andy grow up with Woody.

Walt Disney: Toys Story 3

The interesting thing about the Toy Story movies is that Woody never had a huge epiphany. Instead, Woody is always putting others first before himself. From saving other toys, helping the kids, etc.

Toy Story 4 changes everything up. We are introduced to a new character. His name is Forky, a handmade toy that Bonnie made from leftover art supplies and a plastic fork from a trash can. 

Walt Disney: Toys Story 4

Based on Forky’s self belief to be trash, he is always trying to scramble back into any pile of trash. Because Forky is very important to Bonnie, Woody would keep an eye out for Forky’s safety.


It is through his attempt to protect Forky, Woody finally has a life changing epiphany. Watching Bonnie care for Forky was his only way to relive his memories with his previous owner, Andy.


We see this throughout the movie, where the toys will do their best to help each other out through thick and thin.

Walt Disney: Toys Story 4

In the end, Forky is no longer the toy that he thought he was: trash. If it wasn’t for Woody and the toys, Forky wouldn’t have been able to see himself as something important to Bonnie.

As for Woody, they helped him move on from his past and focus on the future for Bonnie’s happiness.

When you are going through a tough time in life, there will always be someone to help you through it. Whether it’s from a single person or your group of friends, there’s no shame in it. If Forky can overcome his hardship, so can you!

As Woody would say, “You’re not trash.”

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